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Due to the high spread of Covid-19 in our community and for the safety of our hockey families,
we will not be holding any public Open Skating at this time.

Welcome to Shawano Hockey League

The Shawano Hockey League (SHL) serves girls and boys ages 4 to 14 from Shawano and  surrounding school districts.  SHL is a Division 3 member association of the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association in region 3.

Shawano Hockey League is a non-profit 501(c)(3), 100% volunteer organization. Parents manage the rink and the hockey organization on a volunteer basis, which keeps our player fees much lower than neighboring associations.

We invite you to join Shawano Lightning Hockey. We hope your child will have a fun learning experience while playing an exciting sport! If you have any questions please feel free to  Contact Us.

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COVID guidelines for entry to the Crawford Center

  • Immediate Family / Household of the player only will be allowed into the Crawford Center for Games and Jamborees at this time. I know everyone wants aunts, uncles, and grandparents to watch but at this time it is not going to be allowed. Instead please direct friends and family to our LiveBarn live game feed. Info is at the bottom of this website or go to and search for the Crawford Center.  (Note:  For WIAA Games we will follow the SCHS Rules on spectators)
  • Visiting Spectators must fill out Covid Entry Form  at
  • We ask that you please socially distance from other families. We have plenty of space inside the rink to spread out.
  • The Crawford Center will offer a very limited concession menu for the time being. Drinks, candy, prepackaged snacks/sandwiches ect… Please plan accordingly.
  • Skaters must bring their own water bottles and have them labeled. Water bottle fill stations are available.
  • Visiting teams must provide their own penalty box worker.
  • No handshakes after games, instead each team faces each other and does a stick tap on the ice.
  • Locker rooms will be made available if you choose to use them. If not we can accommodate with chairs in the open areas of the rink. Please let us know your preference.
  • Please do not come into the rink more than a ½ hour before your scheduled game time. Please vacate the locker room after your game as soon as possible to allow for cleaning.
  • Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Spray is placed around the rink and lobby areas. Please use these items to help keep us all safe.
  • In accordance with the Governor's Emergency Order, the Crawford Center asks that you please wear face coverings while inside the building. Exceptions to the requirement will only be allowed for individuals with medical conditions or other sensory sensitivities that prevent the wearing of a face covering.  (Note: For WIAA Games we will follow the SCHS Rules on masks) (Players and Coaches must follow WAHA rules for face coverings)
  • Parents are required to keep kids who are sick home. Coaches and SHL Board Members will have the authority to send anyone home if they show up to the rink with symptoms of illness.  Anyone with signs or symptoms of illness must not enter the facility.

If you are showing ANY signs of illness or have been in contact with known positives – PLEASE STAY HOME!

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New to Hockey? Have Questions?

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We fund-raise to purchase safety gear and equipment needed to play hockey. Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, and affordable hockey atmosphere for all kids.

A Big Thank You to All of our Great Sponsors and Supporters

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Interested in sponsoring Shawano Youth Hockey?  Games and Tournaments bring families from all over the Wisconsin, Michigan, and  Illinois to Shawano every weekend November to March. Contact us and find out how you can get your business on our website, in our tournament flyers or on a sign inside the rink.

Shawano Hockey League is a non-profit, tax exempt organization & all contributions are tax deductible under sec. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.