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Welcome to Shawano Hockey League

The Shawano Hockey League (SHL) serves girls and boys ages 4 to 14 from Shawano and  surrounding school districts.

Shawano Hockey League is a non-profit 501(c)(3), 100% volunteer organization. Parents manage the rink and the hockey organization on a volunteer basis, which keeps our player fees much lower than neighboring associations.

We invite you to join Shawano Lightning Hockey. We hope your child will have a fun learning experience while playing an exciting sport! If you have any questions please feel free to  Contact Us.

Registration Prices: (Before Oct 1st.)

  • Mites, ages 4-8  is  $70 for the season
  • Squirts, ages 9-10  is $250
  • Pee Wees, ages 11-12 is $300
  • Bantams, ages 13-14 is $400

Level is based on what age your child will be by Dec 31st this year.

New to Shawano Hockey? Have Questions?

Click here for more info on Shawano Hockey

10,000 Puck Challenge

Starts May 7th and ends September 21st. This is an “on your honor” competition so please do your best to keep track of the amount of shots your child takes and report the shots every couple weeks. Winner of the  puck challenge  every summer will be honored on our plaque at the rink.

10,000 Puck Challenge 2018
Ryan Hilbert               - 20325 James McGlone -          1200
Michael Dillenburg -      11000 Michaela Murray-        3327
Noah Davids -              4075

Ticeon Olson-               700

Jake Kuehl -                   6250 Max Huntington-       400
Gavin Collett -             2420 Kendall Knope-              395
Blake Knope                - 2335 Louis Hrabik-                 360
Mason Murray          - 4219 Teddy Hrabik-                   20
Lee Davids                      - 1300  

A Big Thank You to All of our Great Sponsors and Supporters

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Interested in sponsoring Shawano Youth Hockey?  Games and Tournaments bring families from all over the Wisconsin, Michigan, and  Illinois to Shawano every weekend November to March. Contact us and find out how you can get your business on our website, in our tournament flyers or on a sign inside the rink.

Shawano Hockey League is a non-profit, tax exempt organization & all contributions are tax deductible under sec. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.