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Board of Directors

Board Officers

Adam Gafner


Phone: 715.851.6068

Kevin Helmuth

Vice President

Phone: 715.851.5664

Amanda Schroeder


Phone: 715.853.7790

Tanya Anker

Tanya Anker


Phone: 715.853.7686

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Reach out to the entire SHL board

Board Directors

Jaime Zastrow

Jaime Zastrow

Game - Ice Scheduler

Phone: 715.304.9286

Chris Madle

Chris Madle

Program Director

Phone: 920.819.2231

Autumn Wright

Autumn Wright


Phone: 920.217.6481

Open Position

Rink Manager

John Martin

Marketing Director

Phone: 715.851.6004

Lauren Laubscher

Lauren Laubscher

Fundraising Chair

Phone: 715.584.7117

Desirae Thiel

Safety Coordinator

Phone: 715.853.4508

Samantha Bartz

Samantha Bartz

Concessions Manager

Phone: 715.851.1920

Amanda Jach

Equipment Manager

Phone: 715.304.8987

Annual Board Deadlines

July 1st Fiscal year begins Treasurer
July 2nd Raffle License Renewal President/Secretary
July 2nd Renew Charitable Status Wisconsin 19333-800 President/Secretary
Aug 1st Schedule Ice Painting President/Rink Manager
August Meeting Set High School Players Fees All Board Members
August Meeting Have dates set for home tournaments and register them with WAHA.  All Board Members/Scheduler
Sept 1st Register with USA Hockey and start SafeSport Training All Board Members
Sept 1st First Lease Payment due to County Treasurer
Sept 15th Get Building Keys from County President
November 15 WAHA State Tournament Entry President/Program Director
November 15 Background Screening Certification All Board Members, Coaches, Managers
November 15 SafeSport Training Must be finished All Board Members, Coaches, Managers
November 15 First Draft of Team Rosters Registrar
December 31 Final Team Rosters Registrar
February (1st Weekend) Playdowns Team Managers need to verify and carry a copy of the official USA Hockey Roster
February (Playdowns + 7 days) State Tournament Fees Treasurer
February Future Open Board Positions Discussion All SHL Members
April 5th Return Building Keys to County President
April Meeting Annual Meeting and Banquet All SHL Members
April Meeting New Board Members Selected All SHL Members
April 19 WAHA State Tournament Bids Due President/Program Director
May or June Meeting New Board Positions Selected All Board Members
Early June Call R&R to get Zamboni Serviced President / Rink Manager
June 15th Restaurant Licenses Renewal President/Secretary/Concessions