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Parent information and resources page

7 Reasons Your Child Should Play Shawano Hockey

1. Fun - The most important question in youth sports, are the kids having fun?  Shawano Hockey offers kids the thrill of carrying the puck up the ice, the exhilaration of scoring their first goal along with the fun of skating with friends.

2. Safe - Protective gear is worn by all participants, injuries to the head, knees and joints are very rare.  Shawano Hockey is not the NHL, checking, hitting or fighting is not allowed at all.

3. Affordable - The Shawano Hockey League is very affordable, 4 - 8 year olds start at $70 per season which includes a hockey jersey and a hockey stick for first year skaters.  The SHL will also loan your player equipment at no additional charge.  Shawano Hockey League parents manage the rink and the hockey organization on a volunteer basis, which keeps costs low. Parents volunteer time and participate in fundraising.  Financial assistance is also available through our Skatership Program, for those that qualify.

4. Exercise - Hockey is a form of cardiovascular exercise, because of the start & stop nature of the game. Hockey burns tons of calories and will help your kids sleep at night.  Hockey also provides a strength-training workout, with the core and leg muscles being developed in particular.

5. Coaches - All SHL coaches must attend coaching clinics and complete training modules for the age levels they will be coaching.  These clinics and modules are developed by USA Hockey to help our coaches provide your young skater a quality hockey experience.

6. Teamwork - Youth hockey players learn life long lessons of teamwork, trust, responsibility, and sportsmanship.  Nothing beats the esteem your player will develop by being a part of the team.  Hockey is the ultimate team sport.

7. Life-long Friendships - Starting with the bonds created in the locker room to the relationships formed on ice, hockey creates life-long friendships. This camaraderie shared on and off the ice encourages teamwork and the natural development of leadership skills.

Shawano Hockey follows USA Hockey's ADM model. Click on the above banner for more information on ADM.

Frequently asked questions

My child doesn't go to a Shawano School, Can they still play Hockey in Shawano? YES  Skaters interested in joining SHL must reside within the boundaries of the  public school districts of  Shawano, Bonduel, Clintonville, Marion, Gillett, Gresham, Bowler, Menominee Indian, and Tigerton. Families with students in Pulaski, Wittenberg/Birnamwood, Suring and Oconto Falls school districts are considered  undesignated by WAHA and may register with the Shawano Hockey League as their home association but also have the option to join other area leagues. Once you are part of a team roster with that association, from then on it is considered your home association.

How can parents afford hockey?  Shawano Hockey League parents manage the rink and the hockey organization on a volunteer basis, which keeps costs low. Parents volunteer time (20-40 hours, depending on age group) and participate in fundraising.  Financial assistance is also available through our Skatership Program, for those that qualify.

How Much does hockey cost?  Ages 4 - 8 is FREE (This includes a free hockey jersey and hockey stick for all first year skaters.)** Ages 7-14 will have to pay $50 when they register with USA Hockey. Plus all families are expected to sell some of our Christmas Raffle Tickets.

Do I need to buy any gear or equipment?  NO All needed equipment will be provided for Free, we recommend that you buy skates but the league does have skates to borrow.

Is hockey safe for my child? YES Hockey players wear protective equipment and studies have shown that ice hockey ranked lower than both basketball and soccer in emergency room visits related to sport and recreational activities. Youth hockey is a different game than the NHL. With a different set of rules in place, youth hockey places a stronger emphasis on sportsmanship and friendly competition.

Does my Child have to know how to skate? NO Our USA Hockey certified coaches will teach them the first couple weeks of practice. You will be amazed how fast they will learn to skate. 

Participants ages 4-8 skate across the ice (cross ice) instead of the full length of the ice.  Smaller team size and shorter distances help increase individual participation and encourage faster skill development for players.  Practice is 2 nights per week, October through February. Games played on Saturdays starting in December.

What are the different age levels? Each player is classified in one of several age levels as determined by the USA and Wisconsin hockey associations. Each age level is restricted to those youth who are a given age as on or before December 31 of the year in which the hockey season begins.

  • Bantam – 14 years of age or younger
  • Pee Wee – 12 years of age or younger
  • Squirt – 10 years of age or younger
  • Mite  4 – 8 years of age (will play Cross-Ice or Half Ice depending on skill level and age)

Two Ways to Register

Please note that there are two ways to register:

  1.  Online through the SHL website "Registration" page.
  2.  In-Person at the Crawford Center
      (check our calendar or call, for in-person registration dates)

Still have Questions?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. Feel free to contact any of our SHL Board members. Our contact info is available on the Board of Directors tab on the left side of this page. Or contact our League President using the contact info to the right. We would love to hear from you.


For general questions  about  Shawano Hockey League youth hockey program you can email  us at:

More Information for New Hockey Parents

Below are a few simple tips and videos for new parents. If you are a new parent feel free to contact a member of the SHL board or your child's coach. They will be happy to help you answer any questions you have. Also feel free to look at our League Policy Handbook below. It will answer many of your questions. 

Come Play Youth Hockey (click here for more info)

New Hockey Parent Info (click here for more info)

How to Dress a Hockey Player

Skate Sharpening Info

Skate Sharpening is done by SHL parent volunteers. There are two totes in front of the utility room at the rink. One for unsharpened skates and one for the skates that have already been sharpened. Place your skates in the tote after practice and someone will sharpen them and place them in the other tote when finished.

Please write your childs name on the bottom of the skates or attach a tag with the skaters full name.

(If names are not on the skates, they will not be sharpened as it's too hard to remember which skates go with each skater.)

Skate sharpening is $3.00/time or you can purchase a Skate Card for $25.00 for 10 sharpenings. We will write the skaters name on the back of the card and keep in a Rolodex at the rink and punch the card after each sharpening. If you are paying for each sharpening separately, the fee must be paid before skates will be sharpened. You can place the money inside the skate.

Skaters should be getting their skates done at least once a week and have one practice on them before playing in a game.

Please stop by the concession stand or see a Board member if you have any questions or would like to purchase a punch card.

Shawano Hockey League is always looking for more volunteers to sharpen skates. Sharpening skates is a great opportunity to gain volunteer hours. If you are interested in learning to sharpen skates please contact or email Jeff @

How often should I sharpen my skates?

You hear of many professional hockey players sharpening their skates before every practice and game. Generally, this is done to remove nicks in the blades sustained during hard and heavy action, not because they are dull. This is not necessary for youth hockey players.

As a general guideline, young hockey players need only sharpen their skates once or twice a month if the blades are wiped dry after each use and kept free of nicks. (Always walk on mats to protect your skates or wear skate guards; stay off the cement!)

How can you tell when skates are getting dull?
1. If your skates slip sideways when pushing against the ice they are dull.

2. Check for large nicks in the blade edges. If they cannot be removed with a honing stone have your skates sharpened.