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Rink Board Fundraiser

Rink Board Replacement Fundraiser

Shawano Youth Hockey is in need of replacing their current rink boards as they are very old and outdated. These rink boards are utilized by both our youth and high school hockey programs as well as learn to skate, figure skating and public ice skating sessions.

The cost of the new boards will be roughly $120,000 to be replaced and installed.  We have received a grant from the Shawano County Chamber Development Fund for $60,000 leaving the remaining $60,000 up to the youth hockey league to raise.

We are offering Life Time Sponsorship Plaques that will be attached to the outside of the boards for all of the Crawford Center Visitors to view.

Due to the terms of the Grant Agreement, the new boards and glass must be installed prior to the start of the 2019-2020 hockey season.

We are asking for your support in completing this very important fundraising campaign, and would ask that you consider making a contribution. You can choose to sponsor a section of the new boards and glass or make a general contribution. Additional details for each type of contribution are included in this letter.

Thank you for your consideration. As you know, the Crawford Center is largely used by the youth and high school hockey programs as well as many other local families who participate on the weekends for Public Open Skating. We appreciate your support!

Shawano Hockey League

P.S. We are happy to accept any donation that you wish to make.

Contributions of $100 or more will receive recognition on a master display commemorating the Rink Board Fundraiser that will hang in the lobby of the Crawford Center.

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Jeff Huntington

Jeff Huntington

Shawano Hockey League President

Phone: 715-280-0587

Travis Olson

Travis Olson

Program Director

Phone: 715-209-1724