Registrar Responsiblities

  1. Maintain a current register of all participants and coaches in the hockey program.
  2. Maintain and coordinate annual registration.
  3. Submit, or cause to be submitted, all forms necessary for insurance and to comply with the requirements of USA Hockey, Inc., the Amateur Hockey Association of the United States (AHAUS), the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (WAHA) and other organizations with which the corporation is affiliated.
  4. Maintain list of all SHL members, including contact information.
  5. Maintain and distribute within the board a list of all board members and their contact information.
  6. Ensure utilization of WAHA approved software.
  7. Holds and maintains one of the SHL laptops.
  8. Annual seek board approval for a multiple family members skating discount to the lesser of multiple fees.
  9. Work with board to set fees for following year before annual meeting in order to allow announcement of fees at the annual meeting.
  10. Maintain relations with WAHA and USA Hockey.
  11. Coordinate registrants and fees with treasurer
  12. Prepare and distribute team binders to team managers.

Registration Process
Note: Step 1 and 2 can occur together if USA Hockey website is accessible at registration.

  1. Parent registers with USA Hockey and pays fee if applicable.
  2. Parents submit 5 completed forms and fees (subtracting USA Hockey fee if applicable) to SHL registrar.
    • Registration Form
    • Work or Pay Contract
    • Registration Fees and Payments
    • Waiver of Liability Release
    • Consent to Treat/Medical History
  3. Parents receive 12 Days of Christmas Raffle tickets and printed documents or a list of documents to print from SHL web site (and where to locate them) on
    • Family handbook
    • Practice schedule
    • Game schedule
    • Volunteer information
    • Team roster
  4. Registrar records registration with SHL and WAHA/USA Hockey. Registrar delivers skater name and payment to treasurer.
  5. Registrar adds skater and parent name, demographics/contact information to SHL spreadsheet.
  6. Registrar ensures the following are informed of new skater:
    • Coaches at skater level (mite/squirt/peewee/bantam)
    • Concession manager
    • email
    • specific team email.