Volunteer Management / Fundraising Responsibilities

  1. Manage annual review by the Board of Directors of number of required volunteer hours.
  2. Coordinate and manage all volunteer hours.
  3. Coordinate with other Board members on volunteer needs outside of defined committee needs.
  4. Mid-season provide each family unit with the status of their required volunteer hours vs. hours worked to date.
  5. At the conclusion of each season provide required non-met hour balances to Treasurer for invoicing.
  6. Volunteer hours for the following season set before the annual meeting and provide to membership there.
  7. Volunteer hours to be complete between April 1st and March 31st.
  8. Maintain clipboard for recording hours.
  9. Create weekly rink cleaning schedules, including snow removal. Post and maintain weekly cleaning check lists.
  10. Ensure maintenance is complete: lot sweeping, cleaning supplies available and clean (laundered), lights, power, water, all physical building issues.