Rink Manager Responsibilities

  1. Maintain the rink and all equipment owned by the Corporation.
  2. Plan improvements of the above.
  3. Plan and coordinate the purchase of needed additional equipment.
  4. Coordinate with Shawano County on all building needs.
  5. Coordinate setup and teardown of rink.
    • Install glass and uprights, level and tighten, clean
    • Install mats rinkside, player boxes, lobby, bathroom (men’s and women’s stalls are left in place)
    • Install white net around rink from glass to ceiling
    • Install player box benches
    • Install bleachers and handicap ramp
    • Install American flag and small sponsorship signs
    • Store extra glass/plywood for game day outside
    • Clean garbage cans
    • Install, test, maintain music for bench
  6. Coordinate maintenance of ice, and maintain instructions for maintenance.
  7. Coordinate making ice, painting ice; schedule chiller statup.
  8. Recruit a committee and coordinate miscellaneous rink team work.
  9. Maintain zamboni, checking fuel levels, water heater status. Recruit a zamboni committee, train zamboni drivers and schedule drivers to prepare ice before and after SHL team games and special events.