Program Director Responsiblities

  1. Coordinate and schedule ice activities, including practices, games, tournaments, adult hockey activities, open skating, figure skating, exhibitions and other functions at the home arena.
  2. Ensure adequate coaching staff, including assistant coaching personnel, for each level of participation, as approved by the Board of Directors.
  3. Arrange for background check, training and certification of all coaches and other coaching personnel.
  4. Arrange for referees for all required events making sure that all training and certification has been completed.
  5. Coordinate and manage a Coaches Committee which will be comprised of at least one (1) coach from each level of participants.
  6. Coordinate adult Hockey for Wednesday and Sunday, ensure waiver is signed by all participants and fees are collected and provided to the Treasurer
  7. All skaters will play and practice at their WAHA defined level based on age.
  8. Locker rooms occupied with skaters must have an adult present at all times per USA hockey requirements.
  9. Ensure appropriate supervision and safety rules are following during ice rental times.
  10. Enforce the code of conduct.
    • * SHL will adhere to all USA Hockey and league rules with respect to minor and major penalties. All match or gross misconduct penalties will be reported to the USA Hockey Central Section President and the SHL Board of Directors. It is the responsibility of the team coach to report such infractions to the SHL Board within 24 hours of the occurrence.
  11. Provide mentor/resources for student referees
  12. Ensure adherence to SHL skill development guidelines
  13. Champion the code of conduct guidelines
  14. Create SHL season master schedule from region meeting
  15. Maintain the SHL library and direct people to the resources
  16. Liaison with USA Hocke/WAHA for tournament/game needs medals, rosters, volunteer worksheets, dues, accomplishment patches.
  17. Oversee game scheduler to create locker room assignments for games, confirm SHL games, work with concession scheduler.
  18. Recruit a tournament director to plan tournaments,(issue invitations, create tournament timeline, oversee registration, admissions, directions to Crawford Center, concession coordination, advertising, raffles (table and 50/50, decorations)
  19. Attend all WAHA Region 3 meetings
  20. Conduct in-house coaching seminar
  21. Handle all Student-Coaching assignments