Concessions Manager Responsiblities

  1. Arrange for and schedule workers for concessions.
  2. Keep and maintain all required licenses.
  3. Maintain inventory of supplies for concessions.
  4. Maintain concession area.
  5. Responsible for providing concession monies received to the Treasurer timely.
  6. Distribute monthly concession schedule.
  7. Follow process for checking out money/turning over to Treasurer.
  8. Maintain supply of toner, paper and miscellaneous office supplies.
  9. Recruit and train concession supervisor team and schedule and maintain documentation of their role.
  10. Maintain concession workers binder with details of daily tasks.
  11. Adjust concession schedule as needed for game cancellations or additions.
  12. Coordinate concession setup and tear down.
  13. Maintain concession procedure manual.
  14. Participate in annual kitchen inspection with health inspector
  15. Notify SHL when concession is open and of schedule changes.
  16. Maintain office computer.